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Daily basis booking and bookers’ names in Seatsurfing 1.2

· One min read
Seatsurfing Developer

Today we’ve released version 1.2.0 of the Seatsurfing App. This new version includes two new requested features we’re happy to depict here.

The first feature is daily basis booking. We want to make it easier for the employees of some organizations to book their seats. If you want to keep seat booking really easy, you can activate the daily basis booking functionality in the administration interface. When activated, users using the App or the Booking Web Interface just need to pick a desired date and do not need to provide a time range. The selected space is then booked for one or multiple entire days.

The second feature allows for showing the names of the colleagues having booked a space during the selected time range. When activated by the organization’s administrator, users are able to tap or click an occupied seat to show the names and time ranges of this seat. We did not have implemented this feature at first with respect to the users’ privacy. However, we think that you should have the chance to decide for yourself.

Seatsurfing 1.2 shows the user's names