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Book your desk with the Seatsurfing App.

Open Source solution for free seating and co-working in your organisation. Via mobile app or web.

Flexible booking by app

Seatsurfing’s web app runs on any current mobile device, desktop computer and even integrated into Confluence. Already on your way to the office? Just select an available seat in the app, book it, and you’re done.

Management made simple

Use your web browser to upload your floor plans to Seatsurfing. Place seats and rooms using drag & drop. Keep an eye on upcoming bookings, utilization and your users.

Available shortly

Seatsurfing comes as a Docker container for your cloud. You can set it up within minutes and get started. Your data belongs to you and stays on your server.

Easy-to-use mobile-ready web app

Book a seat using Seatsurfing’s mobile-ready web app when you’re on the go. View and manage your existing bookings with just one tap. You’ve established Confluence in your organization? Then our Confluence App will be perfect for you.

Place bookable spaces on your floor plans

Seatsurfing’s administrative web application is the control center for your organisation’s office management. Upload your floor plans and place spaces using drag & drop. View your space utilisation, manage users and adjust settings. It’s simple.

Secure open source cloud solution

The Seatsurfing backend is a cloud native software solution which can be set up on any Docker-enabled server within minutes. Due to the on-premises operating model, your data stays under your sovereignty. You can optionally and securely connect your existing user directory using OAuth.

Seatsurfing in action

Seatsurfing Product Demo (English)

“Seatsurfing is both easy to use for our employees and for our office managers. The graphical desk selection makes booking a desk a matter of seconds.”

“We’ve connected our user directory with Seatsurfing within five minutes. Our users can log in using their known credentials, that’s safe and simple.”

“Seatsurfing is just what we needed during the Corona pandemic: Quick setup, usable via mobile app, modern look & feel.”