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Seatsurfing 1.7 with fresh design and new features

· One min read
Seatsurfing Developer

Today we’ve released Seatsurfing Backend and App Version 1.7.

With version 1.7, both Seatsurfing’s app and our web booking interface got a brand new design which is much easier to use. Floor plan and search dialog have been integrated, so you can easily change your search criteria and watch the available spaces on the map update instantly. If you already know which spaces you’d like to book, you can switch to the new list mode and pick your favorite desk directly.

While this is the most obvious part of the update, there’s a lot more:

  • New authentication method under the hood which provides more security
  • New “remember me” functionality
  • Leave date and time get updated automatically when changing the enter date
  • Added location time zone support
  • Added ability to set maximum concurrent location occupancy
  • Fixed bug which prevented users from booking spaces the same day with active daily basis booking
  • Fixed bug which caused showing an incorrect booking duration in admin interface

Head to our website for more information on how to get your Seatsurfing installation up and running quickly.

Seatsurfing 1.7 Redesign