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Seatsurfing 1.12 adds user-requested features

· One min read
Seatsurfing Developer

We're pleased to announce the release of Seatsurfing 1.12. The new release adds features our users have requested, such as login brute force prevention, an improved login-process for single-organization instances and more.

Here's what changed in Seatsurfing 1.12 since the release of Seatsurfing 1.10:

  • Feature: Login brute force prevention
  • Feature: Clean up anonymous confluence users
  • Feature: Improved login process for single-org instances
  • Feature: Make entire map scrollable in Booking UI
  • Feature: Admin UI: Added check for Seatsurfing updates
  • Feature: Booking UI: Improved layout of search config errors
  • Fix: Clear SessionStorage on invalid AccessToken
  • Fix: Fix for security issue
  • Updated dependencies

As usual, you can find the source code of version 1.12 on GitHub and pre-built Docker images on Docker Hub.