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While you can configure organisation-specific settings in the administrator web interface, global settings are set using environment variables. Set these environment variables when running the Seatsurfing backend Docker container.

Example: Using Docker Compose

  POSTGRES_URL: 'postgres://seatsurfing:DB_PASSWORD@db/seatsurfing?sslmode=disable'

Example: Using docker run

docker run -e "" -e "POSTGRES_URL=..." seatsurfing/backend

List of environment variables

Environment Variable  Type  Default  Description
DEV bool  0 Development Mode, set to 1 to enable
PUBLIC_LISTEN_ADDR string TCP/IP listen address and port
PUBLIC_URL string  http://localhost:8080 Public URL
FRONTEND_URL string  http://localhost:8080 Frontend URL (usually matches the Public URL)
APP_URL string  seatsurfing:/// App URL (should not be changed)
STATIC_ADMIN_UI_PATH string  /app/adminui Path to compiled Admin UI files
STATIC_BOOKING_UI_PATH string  /app/bookingui Path to compiled Booking UI files
POSTGRES_URL string  postgres://postgres:root @ localhost/seatsurfing?sslmode=disable PostgreSQL Connection
JWT_SIGNING_KEY string random string JWT Signing Key
SMTP_HOST string SMTP server address
SMTP_PORT int  25 SMTP server port
SMTP_START_TLS bool  0 Use SMTP STARTTLS extension, set to 1 to enable
SMTP_INSECURE_SKIP_VERIFY bool  0 Disable SMTP TLS certificate validation
SMTP_AUTH bool  0 SMTP authentication, set to 1 to enable
SMTP_AUTH_USER string   SMTP auth username
SMTP_AUTH_PASS string   SMTP auth password
SMTP_SENDER_ADDRESS string  no-reply@seatsurfing.local SMTP sender address
MOCK_SENDMAIL bool  0 SMTP mocking, set to 1 to enable
PRINT_CONFIG bool  0 Print configuration on startup, set to 1 to enable
INIT_ORG_NAME string  Sample Company Your organization's name
INIT_ORG_DOMAIN string  seatsurfing.local Your organization's domain
INIT_ORG_USER string  admin Your organization's admin username
INIT_ORG_PASS string  12345678 Your organization's admin password
INIT_ORG_COUNTRY string  DE Your organization's ISO country code
INIT_ORG_LANGUAGE string  de Your organization's ISO language code
ORG_SIGNUP_ENABLED bool  0 Allow signup of new organizations, set to 1 to enable
ORG_SIGNUP_DOMAIN string .on.seatsurfing.local Signup domain suffix
ORG_SIGNUP_ADMIN string  admin Admin username for new signups
ORG_SIGNUP_MAX_USERS int  50 Maximum number of users for new organisations
ORG_SIGNUP_DELETE bool  0 Allow admins to delete their own organisation