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Mobile App

You can download Seatsurfing's mobile app for Google Android and Apple iOS for free in the app stores:

Your employees can use the app to book their spaces independently and to manage their bookings, including the cancellation of their own existing bookings.

App Screenshots

Logging in

To log in, you need to know your Seatsurfing instance's URL and must have a user account. For both, ask your organisation's Seatsurfing administrators.

Start the app on your mobile device. Enter the backend URL and your email address. Afterwards, you can select one or more login methods.

If entering a password is required, you'll be asked to enter it.

Otherwise, you'll see one or more available authentication methods. Choose one of them. You'll be redirected to your organisation's authentication service. Due to technical reasons, you may need to enter your email address a second time. After logging in, you'll be redirected back to the Seatsurfing ap. Depending on your connection, this might take a few seconds.

The app stores your login credentials securely for you, so you don't need to sign in every time you start the app. If you don't want to use this feature, please tap "Sign off" after using the app.

Place a booking

To place a bookings, choose the desired period and area (i.e. floor).

You'll then see a floor plan showing the available (green) and unavailable (red) spaces. You can book a space by tapping it.

Your organisation might have configured additional restrictions, such as:

  • Max. booking duration
  • Max. number of upcoming bookings per person
  • Max. days a booking can be placed in advance

If such a restriction applies, an according message will be shown.

Manage bookings

To manage your upcoming bookingsm tap "My bookings".

You'll see a list of your upcoming bookings in ascending order. To show details or to cancel a booking, tap it.

To keep things simple, it's not possible to modify an existing booking. Instead, you'll have to cancel and place a new booking.